Sarah Michelle Gellar

Our only autographed picture that sells

Sarah poor Sarah. We're always teasing her. Ever since we found the "I love Mr. Wallace" drawing on her notebook in 6th grade, she hasn't heard the end of it. Not like she tries to be cool, she's always coming up with ideas that involve her getting on stage with us. Sorry Geller, not gonna happen. Go sing along with the audience. No? Ok, you're cut. Actually, we should have cut her as soon as she said "But I like Hootie and the Blowfish!" Actually, I think she just thought Hootie, aka Darius Rucker, was cute, so we let that one slide. Now she's just skating on thin ice.

Sarah Michelle Gallery (groan...)

Autograph - 21KB Come on wussy, one more pushup!!! Black dress - 67KB Here's Sarah moping after we kicked her and her fluglehorn-playing ass off the stage.
Outdoors - 27KB Way to go Sarah, we told you we were going hiking and that's how you dressed! Dumbass. Crouching - 16KB Here she is looking for her contact lense. She lost it...AGAIN. Dumbass.
Dumbass - 25KB Ashley, she's not that dumb. She can smile and she has hair. Just kidding, we actually found out she's a member of mensa and likes to solve chess problems in her head. Yeah Sarah! Standing - 11.4KB I think she was trying to sneak onto stage when we took this pic, but then she pretended like she was looking for something. Yeah, right.
Lying - 71.6KB 'I was so nervous.' 'High school is evil'. Yeah, whatever Sarah. You're such a liar. You even lie about your hair color, I mean, come on! Sitting - 50.1KB And if you look closely, you can see Sarah's 'Yellow Lantern Power Ring' that she got out of a box of Cracker Jacks. Jokes on you Sarah, Yellow makes you weak!!! HA HA HA!!!
Dress - 78.3KB Is this a prom picture? I don't know, I found it stuck to the back of a catalog that I found in a pile of other catalogs and a book. Kissing - 38KB Is it just me, or does Sarah Michelle Gellar's boyfriend look kinda...effeminate?
Hawaii! - 38KB The ony time that Sarah Michelle Gellar was better than us was when she went to Hawaii with FBLA. The ONLY time. Pretty smile - 20KB Yeah, we sometimes kicked ourselves for not being in FBLA, but then we remembered we were in Qualitative Chemistry! We didn't have to do ANYTHING!!! And our teacher helped lead the fight against the school board's decision to ban skipping class to play scrabble!
Imposing pose - 36KB Oh no, we're scared! She looks kinda like John Wayne mixed with Shirley Temple AKA dumb. Laughing - 12KB Sarah Michelle Gellar's response to me asking if she wanted to "make out". PS we did.

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