Catherine Zeta-Jones

not your ordinary drummer

Q: How can you tell Catherine Zeta-Jones is at the door?
A: The knocking speeds up!!!
Ha ha ha ha. No seriously, when she was our drummer, she always sped up. One time, we were playing "Robots that disguise themselves as humans" and she came in at least twice as fast as we were playing! Aargh! It's kinda weird ever since we kicked her out of the band, cause she still hangs out with us. She's like, 'hey guys', and we're like, 'hey Catherine Zeta-Jones, do you know we kicked you out of the band?' So far, we haven't really run into any problems, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is a loose cannon, she might snap any time. One time, our real drummer was late, so Catherine Zeta-Jones was just kinda banging on the drums, but when our real drummer showed up, she wouldn't get up! We were like, "Catherine Zeta-Jones, we want to start practicing now," and she got all pissy and was like "Jeez, I just wanted to play on the drums" and then went home. Pssh, none of that in our band please.

images of catherine zeta-Jones

Sneaking - 40KB - Catherine Zeta-Jones trying to sneak into one of our practices. Nice try dumbass! Standing - 32KB - Nice try dumbass, you still can't play drums!
Red dress - 96KB - Wait, what was that? Probably your life, as in "get a". Laying down - 34KB - She doesn't even get a seat at our practice headquarters. ha ha ha!
Stairs - 203KB - That's right, Catherine Zeta-Jones, you stay on the staircase. HA HAhah ! Purple - 141KB - Here she is in her stupid "brunch" outfit. Not quite pajamaz, not quite a dress. We think it's dum.
Black dress - 122KB - I have know idea what she's talking about here. Probably another stoopid dream she had..."and when I woke PILLOW was gone!!!" Well placed hat - 84KB - Like, Catherine Zeta-Jones saw 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly' and all of a sudden she's Miss Cowboy? pssh, what's that all about?
Smile and rose - 134KB - Moments before our trick flower squirts her in the face... Short dress - 144KB - "Like my new 'brunch' outfit?" God, Catherine Zeta-Jones, just shut up already! It's not funny!
Fishnet - 21KB This is moments before we told Catherine Zeta-Jones that we never actually invited her to our Halloween party, she just assumed she was going. Boy did she get pissed! Old pic - 12KB I don't even know if this is Catherine Zeta-Jones, I just found it in my scrapbook next to all the other Catherine Zeta-Jones pictures.
Huddled - 32KB No, Catherine Zeta-Jones, you're not "cute". Annoying, maybe. Mermaid - 16KB I mean, REALLY! Who swims in a dress?
Glamour - 24KB Now, back to the Halloween party. Somehow she thought we just didn't like her costume, so she put another one on. Look! You're just not invited to the party! It's as simple as that! Beach - 24KB One time, we went to the beac-wait a minute!!! This is just our statue of Catherine Zeta-Jones!!! WWWAAAH!!!
Polka dot - 8KB Catherine Zeta-Jones was pretty cool when I took this picture...until she said she likes to have pictures of all her 'brunch' dresses. Maiden - 8KB Catherine Zeta-Jones where we like her=looking wistfully on as we practice with a REAL drummer.
Crouching - 63KB Maybe we've been a little bit hard on Catherine Zeta-Jones, she may not be in our band, but she still is a good friend, and she loves our music. Thanks Catherine Zeta-Jones! Clothes gone - 34KB Nice trick, Catherine Zeta-Jones, but those were YOUR clothes you hid!!! Boo yah!!!
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