Britney Spears

Our awesome orange wall

We know Brittany cause she's Russell's sister. Man, you should see the way both of them fight. But that's off the subject. Where were we anyway? Oh yeah, Brittney. Britaney is pretty cool, and really good at making out. Sometimes we even let her sing with us. She's the only one of the Martian Queens that we even let near the mic actually. She's not too bad actually, until she starts screaming like a Banshee. We're like, "Britteney, calm down! Remember: mainstream, mainstream, mainstream." Aah, but she won't listen. She's into all that 'alternative' stuff. Pssh.

Brit Pics

Singing - 13KB Britiny singing 'Galactic Boy'. White shirt - 10KB Britaney always was kind of shy, which really puts a damper on any kind of professional music career in my opinion.
Brit - 13KB There's that funky orange wall again! Biking - 48KB Guess what! Brittney didn't take her training wheels off till last year! Oooh, she's gonna kill me when she finds out I said that!
Cheerleader - 44KB Here Britney is subtlely making fun of all the cheerleaders and jocks at high school. She would never really be a cheerleader. Dolls - 66KB I swear, if we have to listen to Bretinny talk about her dolls anymore, we're gonna get kinda mad. Kinda really mad!
Sitting - 41KB We had like 3 pictures left on the roll of film we used for our New Jersey trip, so we just took random pictures. Laying - 30KB Yeah, we took a vacation to New Jersey, what's wrong with that?
Bed - 35KB In case you haven't noticed, Britney does a lot of laying around. Hey doofy, get a job! Seat - 31KB So get this, Britney actually bought one of those inflatable seats! Can you say "tacky"?
Pink shirt - 29KB When we went to Disney World for show choir, Britney got one of those picures of herself as she went down the water flume. Top - 34KB But don't let that fool you, Britney hates Disney and everything it stands for.
Car - 20KB Like taking advantage of young children in the pursuit of profits. None of that for her, no way! Black and white - 19KB I think this is her senior picture. She went for that "arty" look.
Sitting - 22KB Ssh, don't tell her mom this, but here's a drunk pic of Brit! HA HA HA! She was wasted! Bus - 21KB Brit's dad always had to get a pic of Brit on the first day of school. She HATED that!
Blue - 22KB Britney can actually sit on water!!! What?!? What do you mean water's not that blue?!? Shut up. Pole - 19KB Another drunk picture. Hmmm...we seem to have a lot of these.
Sitting - 18KB Britney trying out to get onto one of those milk commericals where the kid talks about how milk helps him grow, while he's growing. You probably don't even remember those, do you. French - 34KB Idiot.
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