Heather Graham

graham cramming

We were once playing this show at the "Mikehouse Cafe" when we saw this girl skanking to our music. Well, everyone got mad at her, cause you're only allowed to skank to 'real' ska, not the pretend ska that we play. Anyway, while we were leaving, we saw her on the outside, crying cause of all the mean things everyone said. We asked her, "hey, what's you're name?" and she dried her tears and said, "Heather Graham." So of course we said, "Hey Heather...how DO they cram all that graham?" That cheered her up a little, until we kept saying it OVER and OVER again. She hit us and ran away so anyway that's the end of my story and they never did get married.

Heather's picture-grams (grahams)

Reading a book - 40.5KB Actually, it looks more like a magazine, but that doesn't matter since she's not reading it anyway. Blue dress - 26.4KB That's another thing that got all those 'real' punks mad-she wore this to our concert. Those aren't punk clothes! Ch!
Smiling - 23.8KB Sweet sweet graham, the finest of the...uhm...grains? What the heck is graham anyway? Studying - 136KB Yeah right she's studying. This is what she's really thinking about: "How DO they craham all that graham?"
Purple cape - 117KB That happens to be a Martian King's cape, just so you know. Purple cape2 - 104KB Maybe you didn't hear us, Heather. Give us back our damn cape!
Satin - 54KB Did you know that Heather was actually a National Merit Scholar? Austin - 20KB But get this, she transferred colleges her sophomore year and lost the whole scholarship!!!
Head - 24KB Here she is contemplating what a dumb ass move that was. Bubbles - 33KB Heather had to go to the "Fish Under the Sea" dance to save the future.
Red Dress - 28KB (pssst...Heather Graham...you're doing your push ups upside down!) What a doof! Ready Rock - 30KB Yes! Yes! Now that is a punk shirt! Wear that to our next concert. Oh wait, we're not punk, we're junk. As in junky.
Look - 16KB What a crummy picture. This came out of one of those rolls of film that included graduation, Easter, and two Christmases. Tied up - 15KB Damn it Heather!!! That was our demo tape!!! CH!!!

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