Denise Richards

Denise Richards-hot, young, politically active

"Denise! This amp isn't working again!" Oh poor Denise, I wonder how many times she's heard that. It seems like the only reason she comes over is to fix our crappy junk. But you know Denise, we really do appreciate all your help. Question: How many Martian Queens does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: One, if it's Denise Richards, a ha ha! But seriously, I don't think the Martian Kings would be where they are today without her help. And she's a great kisser. I remember one time, when it was her birthday, stoopid Shawn tried plugging two amps into eachother, and then Aaron couldn't come to practice cause his mom was having company for dinner! Oh, the sweet sweet memories I have.

Images of Deni

Swimsuit - 144KB This was taken last summer in San Diego during our tour of Long Island. If you look real close, you can see me swimming in the background. Jeans - 46KB This is when we played a trick on Denise and hid her shirt! She was soooo mad!!!
Shirt - 43KB Denise in my bedroom. Yeah, we were just "friends." Black dress - 45KB Even tech-heads like Denise go to the prom.
White - 115KB And another time, she rigged a whole PA system out of duct tape and lummi sticks! Black - 131KB We would say she's the smartest girl ever, but she keeps forgetting she lives in a solid glass house!
Dress - 142KB And she goes swimming in her Sunday-go-to-meeting dress! B'oh!!! Black dress - 34KB Notice the glazed look in her eyes. She tried to plug one too many plugs into one outlet, and she paid the price! TORTURE!!!
Face - 33KB After that, she was a changed woman, always talking about how precious life is, and puppies and such. Bust - 26KB Not to worry, after a few beers, she was back to her usual nihilistic self!
Red shirt - 47KB Look at her, wearing red clothes and sitting in museums! What a card! White dress - 32KB Denise saw The Man with the Golden Gun last night and was like, hey look at me I'm a Bond Girl. Yeah. . . right.
jungle - 37KB Out of the depths of the jungle, a terror stirs. It follows the scent of death and emerges-oh wait, it's just Denise. Black dress - 32KB I was two seconds away from tossing this pic when I noticed that it was Denise. Who would have guessed? I think she has a different Hair-Do or something.
Pink sweatshirt - 42 Another example of the eccentricity of the genius: she has a hood but no pants. Eccentric? More like autistic.

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