Jennifer Love Hewitt

My sweetheart

Jenny's been with us since the beginning, always supporting us through our rough times. In a lot of ways, she's like a big sister to us. Even though she's actually the same age as most of us. She's just more mature then us. Get this, she drinks iced tea! She doesn't really "get" our deeper song, and she usually doesn't understand our jokes, but she is good at making out. Really guys, take my word for it. See, even if she does it out of pity, it doesn't seem like it. She's very independent. I guess she had to learn how to take care of herself at an early age ever since her Jamaican parents moved back to their homeland. Man, you should have seen Jenny when she was in the high school play our freshman year! She made such a fool of herself when she said "He's making soybeans out of plastic" instead of "He's making plastics out of soybeans" like she was supposed to. But then she got us all back when she beat the crap out of us.

Jennifer Loves Pics

White dress - 28KB Here's Jennifer at our high school, wearing one of her longer dresses. Big Flirt - 29KB Sure Jen, you're real cool. No, I'm serious. Really. mmppphggww-HA HA HA HA!
Yellow shirt - 45KB If you look close, you can see me and Kaup enjoying "funky boots" in the background. School pic - 66KB Ok, I admit, Line Mountain High School was really conservative.
Black top - 145KB Sometimes Jen gets possessed by Monster. Swimsuit - 44KB Other times she gets possessed by the beach. Or his son. Get it? Get it?
Sitting - 26KB Jen got to go to France cause she took French in high school. Short dress - 25KB Most of the time, however, Jen just sits around and does nothing. NOTHING!
Looking up - 33KB Jen showing determination, one of her two best qualities. Or should I say 'ualities'? ummm... - 10KB No! You're just using Dilbert jokes now! (Stay calm...)
Blue bikini - 21KB And where did us idiots who took Spanish get to go? Taco Bell!!! What's up with that crap?!? Beach - 157KB Another beach picture. Sorry, I'm running out of jokes. Or at least funny ones.
Living room - 101KB I got Jen those leopard skin high heels for her birthday. How was I supposed to know they would hurt her feet so much? I'm sorry! Grass - 27KB This was one of those times where we made out cause she felt sorry for me.
Autograph - 59KB She always signs her pictures. It's like an inside joke with us, you know, in case she ever gets famous or something nutty like that. Blue jumpsuit - 8KB Jen's lucky, cause whenever she gets headaches, they're only 'that' big.
Towel - 23KB We surprised Jenny with this big bottle of Neutrogena. She thought it was 'cute'. What the hell does that mean? Sitting - 29KB Right before district chorus tryouts. Jen was only 5 points away from getting a chair!!! Boy was she pissed!
Heart Candy - 25KB Jennifer loves those heart candies! Wow, not only did I hit a pun, but I also managed to get a kind of parallel play on words kind of thing. Basketball - 20KB Jen went through a phase where she wanted to play basketball, but that dream got cut short when she sucked.
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