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Touring the World

Clubs, bars, audience, pah! First of all, we were never impressed with shows we've seen in bars or clubs. Second, it's a lot of hassle for a little money. Third, why would we want to play somewhere that doesn't allow anyone under 21 in? That's stoopid, so we're not going to play by the man's rules! So, in lieu of that, (ooh, big word...wait, it's not so much big as it is fancy like apple sauce) we're willing to play fraternities, colleges, festivals, churches, street corners, our barn, people's houses, etc. And we'd do it all for just gas money, good eats, warm beds, beer, and cars! Well, maybe not cars, just some money.

Past Performances

Requests for gigs and what-not should be emailed to martiankings@yahoo.com If you want to be kept Up-To-Date on when and where we might ever play, join our brand new mailing list.


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