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Get Me Outta Here!!!

Unless you came to this page first, you're probably sick of us by now. Well, don't worry martian buddies, we've got you covered. Below is a collection of links we've culled from our hours of surfing the 'net. Also included are sites where you can find links back to here, in case you get scared of being out there all by yourself. Oh go sip apple juice.

Ed's stick it to the man page For all your man sticking needs. Wait, that doesn't sound good.

Musician's Assist This is an amazing site. The author, Vince Maskeeper, spends an enormous amount of time working on what is becoming the most comprehensive site for places to get gigs, as well as articles and links for bands.

FabFay and the GooGoo dolls! Fabulous! Check us out on FabFay's page, along with other notable PA bands. Thanks FabFay!

Jeremy Online. The always unofficial member of Q and the Brass Boys. He was always there lending a hand with drums, sound equipment, and such. But now he has a job. Oh well, thanks, Jeremy!
And now, here's a list of pages with links back to us. If you check 'em out, don't forget to check out the rest of the site, as some of them are pretty good, especially for other bands. But you don't have to take my word for it.
Sound Effect: Animated Icons Sound Effect Band Links, Links to Bands in Pennsylvania (including us!)

theLocalScene Searchable indie band database, band calendars, musicians classifieds ... and us!

Local bands from Pennsylvania Hey look . . . it's us!

PA Rocks North- Bands of North Central Pennsylvania List of Central PA North Band Links. Oh, you can finish the joke yourself.

MusicSearch Groupies The Reciprocal Links Headquarters of MusicSearch.
Unsigned Band List "The ultimate resource for Q and the Brass Boys WWW links, CD's, Biographies, Homepages, Contests, Tour Dates and Sound Samples." Not really, butt hey.

Pennsylvania Local Bands Local bands playing in Pennsylvania, as if you didn't have enough lists of PA local bands.


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