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Congratulations, you made it to the meat of this site. The rest of it is just potatoes, or actually more like a bunch of broccoli!!! Anyway, here you can find all sorts of crazy crap concerning our music and music-related projects. So go ahead and make your choice from the following list...or...just scroll down like everyone always does anyway...

Chart postition | Q and the Brass Boys' songs | Martian King songs | Discography | Current projects

Chart position

The following are the positions of our songs on MP3.com. These will be updated as often as possible so you can see just where we rank.

Mar 19, 1999 GenreRank in GenreOverall Rank
Captain John TraverHip hop 20611153
Galactic BoyPunk 1455704
J CrewHip Hop1546690
RobotsFolk Rock 7312057

Q and the Brass Boys' Songs

Our songs have often been referred to as "offbeat" and weird. But really, it's just us having fun and not caring about what other people think. In fact, we don't even care if we're good or not. But you don't have to take our word for it. See for yourself, or check out our crazy history.

Also, you can check out some of our songs for yourself. All you need is an MP3 player. To find out more about MP3, check out MP3.com. There, in addition to finding some of our songs (www.mp3.com/martiankings) you can also find news, articles, and the internet's largest source for independent and dependent musicians. Now, let's just get this over with...

Click on the song title to read the lyrics

Martian King Songs

Continuing in the tradition of Q and the Brass Boys, since...we are Q and the Brass Boys, the Martian Kings strive to maintain the uniqueness of their own artistic voices. Wow, that thesaurus really does wonders for bs statements. While we'll definately continue to play our old songs, we'll also definately write new and better lyrics. These will be the best songs ever!!! Ha ha ha, well here's what we have so far, keep in mind that many things are 'works in progress.' But one day we'll be big...like that guy over there --}
Cover songs
We're also working into our repeterwa- repetw- repita- repetoire a few *gasp* cover songs! noooooo! Sell-outs!!! Ashley, we like these songs, and they're easy. Woops, should I say that?


No, we don't have any official releases. What we do have are tons of tapes lying around, half of which we don't know about. That's just cause we like to record ourselves whenever we get together, no reason, we just like to. Anyway, right now, we have a few recordings which we'll consider as unofficial releases. If you're interested in getting your hands on any of these, free + tape and postage, give us an email at martiankings@yahoo.com.

Current projects

The band is on hiatus right now. Maybe we'll get together come summer. But till then, you can get our stuff at MP3.com, and wait for us to appear at your local public library. Wait, that's books. We're not books. Even though Mars is red (read). See, I explained that joke in case you didn't get it. People should do that more often, I suggest explaining a joke immediately after telling it. Example: Q: How can you tell a drummer is at the door? A: The knocking gets faster and faster YOU SEE MOST DRUMMERS ALWAYS SPEED UP WHEN THEY'RE PLAYING SO IT WOULD BE HUMOROUS TO REALIZE THE SAME THING WOULD HAPPEN WHEN HE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. OR SHE.
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